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SCENERY V6-06_edited.png

 Scenery Roof is an elevated open-air rooftop event series offering innovative talent in dance music. This summer exclusive series event is a brand new unique experience that has never been done before and is uniting the best international headliners and city locals on the same roof to synchronize together for the love of dance music.

    Scenery Roof is taking in all rooftop elements, such as carefully curated beautiful decorations and the venue’s ten thousand square feet with a state-of-the-art sound system.


      Each move is being thoughtfully calculated and executed to ensure every guest experiences a truly one-of-a-kind sensation, but in their own way.


This rooftop party series aims to keep each attendee as engaged as possible, whether by interacting with art performers, dancing with guests on the dance floor, or connecting with your friends over drinks and snacks. 

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